The House on the Hill

50 words.

“What went on in that old house on the hill?” the children sang as they skipped around its wraparound porch. It’s exaggerated stories had become almost like nursery rhymes to them. Rooms filled with secrets never to see the light of day. She watched and smiled calmly. They’d never know.

9 thoughts on “The House on the Hill”

    1. I gotta admit, in my mind when I wrote it there wasn’t any creepiness. I saw her feeling more content than ominous. The last line does leave it up to the reader though. Thanks for reading :)

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    1. Thank you. That’s exactly what I’d like to do. Once I have a collection of 50-100 i’d love to publish a book that would double as a photo book and a book of short stories. Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate kind comments.

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