Meet EJC


I love digital photography.
I enjoy taking a picture and then wrapping words around it to tell a story.
I think I want to travel the world and get paid to take pictures of all my adventures.

I’m also Batman.

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5 thoughts on “Meet EJC”

  1. oHai there.

    Seeing as how I’ve gotten myself all over your blog, I feel it only fitting to end up here. If you can’t tell already, I find your work absolutely fascinating. It’s rare that I like obviously Photoshopped images, but, with you, I’m so immersed within the story of the photo and the actual photo itself, that my initial distaste for such things seems to vanish entirely. It’s something I am constantly trying to create for my followers.. And it’s so rare to find another that does the same.

    I’m not sure if it sounds much like it, but that *was* supposed to be a compliment of sorts. ::smiles::

    I don’t much enjoy reading long stories on blogs, so your work is right up my fucking alley. It’s creative. It’s different. And it’s very similar to my own blog.. ( which is all anyone ever wants anyway, right? …To talk about themselves. Such self centered beings we are… ::shakes head:: )

    I normally don’t promote myself much, but I truly think you’d like to wander around my blog a bit. I think you’d find it inspiring, to say the least. ::smiles:: Oh, also- Perfume: The Story Of A Murder …A movie, that, given from your taste, you must see.

    That is all, for now.


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    1. Wow. I really appreciate all the likes and kind words. I’m glad you enjoy my posts. The ability to create from a simple photo something totally new through digital edits is why I love digital photography. It’s amazing what you can do with a phone these days. And thank you for liking my short stories. They’re just as fun for me as the edits. I’ll definitely check out your blog. Thank you so much.

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